Saturday, October 18, 2008

Halloween Decor

So a few weeks ago I decorated my home for Halloween. I have few spces around the house to decorate as most of the wall and shelf space is taken up with pictures and books. I do have one partial wall next to the dining area that I love to play with. This is a picture of what I did on the wall. I thought it turned out very well. My husband does not like scary stuff so this is mostly cutesy.

To do this I took a wall print of a haunted house (which I could have found at any store that sell Halloween decor, this one is from Target) and put it on the wall. It did not want to stay on it's own so I added double stick tape and some thumb tacks. I thne placed a thumb tack everywhere I wanted to drape spider web from. I also added "Beware" tape where the door might be. (The tape can be made from any black tape or purchased). I then stretched fake cobweb (in this case Christmas snow) over the whole building. I added some wooden bats to the sky and some fabric fall leaves to the yard (at the bottom). Then to add just a little more character I added some of my Halloween earrings (which I often don't wear) to the windows so it would look like there was something inside. (You can also use paper cutouts).

Overall this was a fun little piece in our home. Most of the rest of the house is decorated in the left over Halloween decor from years gone by and books. I have a lot of books with cool covers and scary stories inside which make perfect Halloween decor and conversation starters at parties. People love to talk about books even if they won't ever read them. Ok off to find some more stuff to make.... Happy Haunting!!!

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