Monday, February 16, 2009

Finally some finished objects

So what has it been? A month? Well almost and I have been away crafting and dealing with life (so not fair that it interferes with my crafting). I have been crocheting a lot (and a little quilting but we will get to that in another post). During my crocheting I found a wonderful site called Ravelry! I think I am in love (and my husband is a little jealous). Well, while on it I found a charity project called Pay It Forward where a little girl in New Mexico is collecting crocheted and knitted squares and making blankets for children who need them for her school's community project. She has a blog here. Below you can see the squares I contributed (you can find all of them on my ravelry page).

I have also been working on some scarves and an afghan or two. Later today I hope to also blog about my v-day/six month anni decor... everything was made from what I had around and set up in one day. Well happy crafting and I hope to have more for you later!!

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ClaireBee said...

Nice squares : ) I just learnt how to crochet squares 2 weeks ago and I'm quite addicted. I'm now checking out other peoples images trying to decide what will be my next pattern attempt!

I saw your blog link on Ravelry, by the way (that's how I got here). Just joined, what an exciting site, I can see why you are in love : )