Monday, June 22, 2009

First Wearable Done!!

So I just finished blocking my first wearable for me!! It is not perfect (a BIG whole on one side because of too many stitches and one pineapple that is a little wonky) but I love it. Here are some pictures from blocking (one of me in it on vacay soon). I haven't blocked in a long time and it was a challenge but I think I did OK... especially without any special tools. The close up is of the pineapple pattern. I think it was very easy (but I think most patterns are easy by the end) and a great place to start with a first wearable. I might even make another Doris Chan design before the end of summer... but this one might be a swim cover-up.

Let me know what you think! I am currently working on a scarf, three shawls/wraps, a cardigan, and I am thinking about starting something else but not sure what. I hope to have at least two of these projects done for my trip... maybe more but who knows. I guess I should get back to work. More pictures later but I will be out for a while... next blog post will probably not happen for a month. Have a great month and happy crafting!


~♥Sonya said...

This is a very nice completed piece! I wouldn't have known it was your first one. It's lovely!

Maven said...

Great pineapples!

Keep blogging!

Surfed on in here via your profile on Ravelry.

And in keeping with my thread on CLF, I've given your blog a "thumbs up" and got it listed on StumbleUpon, so other folks can hopefully surf on in and enjoy your blog.