Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Blog Facelift: courtesy of Jannypie!

So if you have been following the blog (or even if you haven't) you might notice it is really cute now and much more reader-friendly. Well I have been looking at the blog wondering why no one seems to want to read it, and it is very likely because I don't blog that often. However, I also thought the look was a little lacking. I know that a cute blog does not equal an interesting blog but at least I am trying. So I changed the regular blog background and colors and then added a header image from a lapghan I am currently working on, cute huh? But what about the really 'sweet' detail on the outside? Well that is courtesy of Jannypie. Check out her website for free blog backgrounds and lots of other over all cuteness. Thanks Jannypie for the wonderful new look!! I hope it means my posts will be more interesting... well we will see ;).

1 comment:

jannypie said...

awww thank you so much for the shout out!!! i think it looks great on your blog!