Monday, March 2, 2009

Finally a finished Paisley Skies Scarf

So yes I did finish it (I am still weaving in some ends but on the most part it is done). I adapted the paisley pattern from one I found online (Patti had them available to see here). I really like the colors and how they work together. In the end I edged it with a modified pattern from a book (150 Crochet Trims). It is called an iris stitch but I like how it looks a little changed. I took the pictures pretty quick so they are not great but I hope you get the idea. The first one is me wearing it (and boy is that not flattering) and the second is just a closeup of the end of the scarf. I am currently filling the white spaces between paisleys (the gaps) and weaving in ends but it is war, and I love how quirky it is. Enjoy!

Wow I am not photogenic but the scarf still looks good. Below is the end of the scarf showing the detailing. I used our Peruvian fabric as a background (isn't it pretty?).

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