Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The First Scarf

So today I worked a 12 hour day so my first project isn't actually finished yet.. and I technically I did my first row last night (I couldn't wait to start). I did the rest of this tonight but I didn't get the fringe done (that's why you can't see the fringe part) but I hope to do better tomorrow. I really like this scarf and think the colors look really cool. It is totally reversible but looks a little different on the inside. I have pledged to make 6 scarves (not  a ton but at least I think I will get them all done) for the Special Olympics this year so I am excited to almost have one done. When I add the fringe I will post about that too. Until then I hope this is an ok first day and I look forward to more impressive (or at least more finished) things in the coming month. Thanks for providing the inspiration to allow me to still be creative in my off hours. I am open to any comments or concerns as I think i will make this scarf again!

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