Sunday, February 6, 2011

Walk in the park and some Guac

 So today I spent more of my time getting things done and very little time making things. So I decided to do something unconventional for day 6, I am trying my hand at cellphone photography (these park pictures are from my phone to Flickr to my computer to hotmail to you so you might want to see the originals on Flickr instead but that is your choice). Hubby and I tried a new park (to us) today and spent an hour collecting supplies to make future projects and just getting some sunshine and exercise (be jealous it is sunny and 78 here today, I love Northern CA). So here were my attempts at amateur photography. I enjoyed these and I like them so I should be trying again in the future too.

I also made guacamole for the Super Bowl, which was very disappointing commercial-wise. These should all rock and they don't... I guess I should have just watched the game then ::sigh::. It was yummy guacamole, too bad hubby ate almost all of it before I knew he had it out... punk ;). Let's hope I can keep this up next week!! Happy making!

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