Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Swatching: or a taste of what's to come

So I don't normally swatch. I often make afghans and scarves and even fingerless gloves without swatching so I am not all that talented or experienced with it. However, when a friend of mine asked me to make him a scarf and then bought the yarn for me I was more than willing to step-up to the task. We spent an entire hour looking for a pattern to match his needs and he picked a really cool one. Then the challenge hit, he wanted me to make it a bit bigger and longer and that would mean I needed more yarn than the pattern called for. Since very little of the lighter yarn was going to be used I really didn't worry about running out but the darker yarn, well it comes in dye lots and I worried I might run out when I only had one ball!!! So I swatched. I calculated out before the swatch and if I got it perfect I could do it with a swatch or without one but I am not perfect so it was better not to chance it. So my swatch is made and a lightly blocked and the math works perfectly, actually now that I see that might have a little extra yarn (go me!). So since I stayed late tonight again helping the new math/science teacher get her bearings I didn't have time for something more interesting. Maybe tomorrow I will, or tomorrow will be my Physics quiz or one of the robots I make during the robotics class I am teaching. We will see and I am sure this weekend will be full of making things. Enjoy!

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