Sunday, February 6, 2011

Quizzes, doilies, and necklaces... oh, my!

 So I kind of missed posting for Day 3 and  4, sorry. Day 3 was insanely busy with an over 12 hour work day (these are going to be the norm next week too). But I did have my students make and program mini-store front signs, though I didn't count those nor did I take pictures. Maybe I will next week. My things for Day 3 were two quizzes and a charter for my club, which all had to be done for my job but I feel better thinking I got them done as part of my task here.

The next day was more interesting. I made this doily. I have never crocheted a doily before (and I still don't see the point in them) but it looked kind of interesting and I had a pattern and yarn readily available. This is called the Spider Web Doily and if from Coats and Clark. I am sure you can get the pattern free there but I haven't checked, I found my pattern as a project sheet in the yarn aisle a long time ago. I like how it turned out, it needs to be blocked, but I still don't know what to do with it... any ideas?

Lastly, I made a necklace. I am a beginning jewelry maker but I really enjoy it so I thought I would take on the challenge on my day off. It is inspired by a necklace I saw in a magazine once that was themed on the moon. I am obsessed with space and the moon in particular (I spent a whole week of my vacation this summer learning more about the moon, yes I am a geek but I love it). I can't get a good picture of the necklace tonight but I will try again tomorrow. I will also have more details on it then. I also plan on blogging about my other necklaces that I have made in the past too but have yet to see the light of the internet. You should check those out. Ok enough for now, my books are calling me. Happy making!!

Let's try this again since it didn't work last night.

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